Haji Shahab Uddin Memorial Scholarship : Introduction

Haji Shahab Uddin was a man of great personality. Human welfare, social welfare, charity etc were main elements of his character. In his life a large portion of his earning property was spent for welfare and development activities. He enhanced his kind hand at different schools, colleges, madrashas, and mosques in his life period. This great man leaved this world on 26th December’ 2005.To keep a great memory for this person, Haji Shahab Uddin Memorial Scholarship was initiated.

The voyage of this scholarship was started in 2006. For managing the scholarship program, a managing committee was formed. The responsibility of the chairperson of the committee is obeyed by Mrs. Nasima Akter and the responsibility of the head examiner is followed by Mr. Md. Humayun Kabir Rajib.